Clinic finder

      Why go to a clinic in the first place? To be healthy and happy! Keeping your body in good health is an important part of overall well-being. You may want to visit a clinic for any or all of the following common reasons:

      • You have a specific or urgent health concern
      • You need a general physical check-up or immunization
      • You would like to learn more about a specific health issue
      • You want to talk to an expert to get real and honest information about your health

      The clinics listed offer health service for teens. These services may include:

      • Family planning
      • WIC
      • Pregnancy testing and follow up
      • Counseling and behavioral health services
      • STD testing and treatment

      UT Teen Health checks our clinic database to ensure we’re recommending teen-friendly clinics. For a full list of clinics, check out our resource list

      Teen Health Clinic

      The Teen Health Clinic offers integrative health care for pre-teens, teens, and young adults ages 10-24.

      University Health System
      Robert B. Green Campus
      Clinical Pavilion, 4th Floor
      903 W. Martin, San Antonio, TX 78207
      Phone: 210-358-TALK (8255)

      Teen Health Clinic services